Gorilla Trekking and Safaris in Africa

Every one has of course heard about the Mountain gorillas. Yes, the Mountain Gorilla is no longer a mythical species today. ‘King Kong’ the movie must have either have introduced you to the gentle apes found in East and Central Africa.


rwanda-gorillasThe population of the mountain gorillas is rapidly declining and they are considered to be endangered Species that is jealously protected around the World. In fact there are less than  700 surviving gorillas in Africa. More than half of them reside in Uganda- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, to be specific. In Rwanda the population of the gorillas is clustered in and around Volcanoes National Park in north western Rwanda and the rest in Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic.

The fur of the mountain gorilla, often thicker and longer than that of other gorilla species, enables them to live in colder temperatures. Gorillas can be identified by nose prints unique to each individual. Males, at a mean weight of 195 kg (430 lb) and upright standing height of 150 cm (59 in) usually weigh twice as much as the females, at a mean of 100 kg (220 lb) and a height of 130 cm (51 in). This subspecies is on average the second largest species of primate; only the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, the other subspecies of Eastern Gorilla, is larger.
Adult males are called silverbacks because a saddle of gray or silver-colored hair develops on their backs with age. The hair on their backs is shorter than on most other body parts, and their arm hair is especially long. The dominant silverback generally determines the movements of the group, leading it to appropriate feeding sites throughout the year. He also mediates conflicts within the group and protects it from external threats..

Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Tracking gorillas is not a mere adventure…it is one of those incredible activities you must do before you die! However  you need to be prepared for hours of arduous climbing and enormous patience to find these primates that roam around the forests during the night!

Bwindi-park Rwanda as well as Uganda Safaris is known for various wildlife safaris but the Gorilla Safaris are the best holiday package these countries can offer. It is up to you which one to choose. Both of them have many lucrative offers and it may be a herculean task for a tourist to choose one from the other.

A maximum number of 6 visitors may visit a group of habituated gorillas in a day. This minimizes behavioral disturbance to the gorillas and the risk of their exposure to human-borne diseases.

Identifying the spoors and trails of the gorillas from their previous night spots and then track them is not an easy task. The guides will take you to where they found the gorillas the day before. From there you will follow the gorilla’s trail to find them. Look out for the gorilla’s nesting sites along the way

Gorilla trekking tips

Pack your lunch boxes, rain coat, wear boots and then set off to the forest with your armed ranger guide. The trek experience can proceed for more than 2 hours but it is worthwhile when you meet a family that you been tracking for a long time.

There is so much to enjoy on this adventure; gorilla trails, unique forest vegetation, birds and other animals, all this, your ranger guide will gladly point it out and explain.

The age limit for gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda is 15 years old and it is important to be fairly fit you are walking up and down hills at quite an altitude.

You’ll need ranger or porter to carry your large luggage on the trek  except the camera and water bottle. A walking stick is also useful. It is bound to be wet, so do take a rain coat, umbrellas are useful to protect your camera when trying to take photos of gorillas in the rain or mist! Good hiking boots and long trousers would be sensible.

Finding the gorillas is quite an anxious feeling, you have only 1 hour to enjoy the amazing creatures as they feed and grumble with their little ones. Take pictures of them as your tour guide identifies for you this particular family, its name and usual behavior. The tracking sometimes lasts several hours (normally 2-7 hour) thus the need to pack your lunch for the adventure.

The Price

Gorilla trekking permits are a must if you intend to go mountain gorilla tracking. These trekking are highly demanded an must be booked 2-3 months prior to the set gorilla safari date.

The price for Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla safaris range between $400-$600 per person.Except a hike in the price of gorilla permits in Rwanda, to $750, tracking mountain gorillas in the Congo, which costs only $400 a day during the peak summer season.

The most important thing about these prices is that you are not only paying for the adventure ahead but you are giving a hand in conservation of the Gorilla habitats and other duties related to preserve the pride of Africa for more generations to come.


Quick Guide on how to spend Safari Holidays in Kenya

Kenya is one of the preferred nations when it comes to safaris and Holiday around Africa. It’s not only preferred within Africa but also across the world. Thinking …..why Kenya? Its fame comes from the traditional wild adventures mostly referred to as Safari

Kenya travel  is giving tourists the chance to find the real traits of the African wilderness undisturbed over the years. In Kenya, there is everything from the lush grasslands to the hot semi deserts granting travelers the potential to enjoy many things about African safaris. It’s typically a place of huge adventures for the wildlife lover.

Kenya Safari Packages
Here is a quick look at some of the adventures Kenya safaris have to offer-often part of one or two safari packages you’ll find with any Kenya Tour and Travel operator.

Kenya Luxury Balloon Safari
If luxury is what you like, the balloon Kenya safari trip is going to be best. The balloon safari of Masai Mara Reserve is simply the ultimate in all Kenya travel itineraries. The scenery on the trip will include the Big game including Lion, elephants, Leopard, giraffe, hippos plus the famed herds of wildebeests, antelopes and Zebras.
Take a cruise over the extensive savannah grasslands like a eagle. Drift quietly over the plains without distressing the game below. There is fear and anxiety of floating over the skies; soon this fades once you are rewarded with attractions beyond the grasslands.
The filled balloon soars on the height up to 1000 m high, with the help of hot air out of the burners. Your pilot will certainly regulate the height of the balloon to as low as tree top level for best sights. In as much as 4 hours of the flights you will for sure enjoy every aspect the wilderness shares. Have a camera on this Kenya tour and you will not regret at all.

Safari Game drives in Kenya
Get a tour van from any travel agent in Kenya ultimately an open roofed van for exceptionally this Kenya game adventure. Leave in the early mornings and late afternoons for exceptional game views from the comfort of a cushioned open safari truck.
Your game guide and ranger will make sure you don’t skip out something, and can point out amazing information about what you come across, from the tiniest insect, unique vegetation and also the seasons, to the mating habits of lions plus the thrill of the kill.
There is an chance to check out everything from the plants and flowers, small insects, animal spoors to follow, and large herds of elephants or wild birds. You can also get night game drives meant for sighting nocturnal predating animals like cheetah, lion, hyena as well as the serval among others.
Think of book into one of the camps or game lodges around any of the national parks around Kenya you are visiting for the night. A majority of these have excellent services including convenient accommodation, delicious breakfast, car hire and excellent foods.

Bird watching in Kenya
Kenya is among the perfect places worldwide for bird watching excursions. With 11% of the world’s birds nesting within Kenya alone, you will have a chance of watching at least 300-600 unique kinds of birds on any tour. Lake Nakuru is renowned for the pink flamingoes that camouflage the rift valley lake into a pink pulsating mass.
Find other remarkable birding favorites like River Tana, Samburu National Park, Nairobi Animal Orphanage and Park and also a variety of European migrants around Mombasa or Malindi. The variety of birds in Kenya is attributed to the great climate, diverse habitats alongside physical features that make it a perfect migratory path for birds.
For more exceptional birding tour in Kenya, carry a pair of binoculars, good lens camera and a sun hat. Never forget to hire a local guide because one will take you to the best watching birds areas across the country.

Walking safari
Enjoying the wilderness in a more intimate way is on a walking safaris. The vast plains of Kenya plus the many Kenya National Parks have much to discover. Options on Kenya trekking escapades include Mt Kenya hiking, treks in Nairobi National Park if not explore the drier side of Kenya when trekking in the northern region say in the Samburu plains and beyond.
Walks commonly referred to as treks in most cases begin early still are led by the properly trained guides. The ranger will show you traisl on several insects, animal spools but also pass on ways on how to go undercover in the bush as you track animals

Camel Tours in Kenya
The camel is typical adventure all over north Africa and Kenya is the same. Camel tours are common in the drier areas of northern Kenya under competent local guides that happen to be the Samburu and the Rendille people who are found in the north.
The animals have been used as back up on treks for a long time so you do not have to worry about getting trapped in the wilds without help. A typical camel trek has camping gear such as camp tents, food supplies and other heavy baggage.

Make your decision now
Skilled local guides own a camel trails across the dry lands as a lifestyle and it is possible to in fact rent them for your safari. These guides help put up a tent for the night and also acqaint you to Kenya wilderness both by day and night. Just about all camping sites in Kenya’s parks are equipped with water and toilets.

Visit African Safaris guide for more interesting travel ideas for not only Kenya but many other African countries