Gorilla Trekking and Safaris in Africa

Every one has of course heard about the Mountain gorillas. Yes, the Mountain Gorilla is no longer a mythical species today. ‘King Kong’ the movie must have either have introduced you to the gentle apes found in East and Central Africa.


rwanda-gorillasThe population of the mountain gorillas is rapidly declining and they are considered to be endangered Species that is jealously protected around the World. In fact there are less than  700 surviving gorillas in Africa. More than half of them reside in Uganda- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, to be specific. In Rwanda the population of the gorillas is clustered in and around Volcanoes National Park in north western Rwanda and the rest in Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic.

The fur of the mountain gorilla, often thicker and longer than that of other gorilla species, enables them to live in colder temperatures. Gorillas can be identified by nose prints unique to each individual. Males, at a mean weight of 195 kg (430 lb) and upright standing height of 150 cm (59 in) usually weigh twice as much as the females, at a mean of 100 kg (220 lb) and a height of 130 cm (51 in). This subspecies is on average the second largest species of primate; only the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, the other subspecies of Eastern Gorilla, is larger.
Adult males are called silverbacks because a saddle of gray or silver-colored hair develops on their backs with age. The hair on their backs is shorter than on most other body parts, and their arm hair is especially long. The dominant silverback generally determines the movements of the group, leading it to appropriate feeding sites throughout the year. He also mediates conflicts within the group and protects it from external threats..

Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Tracking gorillas is not a mere adventure…it is one of those incredible activities you must do before you die! However  you need to be prepared for hours of arduous climbing and enormous patience to find these primates that roam around the forests during the night!

Bwindi-park Rwanda as well as Uganda Safaris is known for various wildlife safaris but the Gorilla Safaris are the best holiday package these countries can offer. It is up to you which one to choose. Both of them have many lucrative offers and it may be a herculean task for a tourist to choose one from the other.

A maximum number of 6 visitors may visit a group of habituated gorillas in a day. This minimizes behavioral disturbance to the gorillas and the risk of their exposure to human-borne diseases.

Identifying the spoors and trails of the gorillas from their previous night spots and then track them is not an easy task. The guides will take you to where they found the gorillas the day before. From there you will follow the gorilla’s trail to find them. Look out for the gorilla’s nesting sites along the way

Gorilla trekking tips

Pack your lunch boxes, rain coat, wear boots and then set off to the forest with your armed ranger guide. The trek experience can proceed for more than 2 hours but it is worthwhile when you meet a family that you been tracking for a long time.

There is so much to enjoy on this adventure; gorilla trails, unique forest vegetation, birds and other animals, all this, your ranger guide will gladly point it out and explain.

The age limit for gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda is 15 years old and it is important to be fairly fit you are walking up and down hills at quite an altitude.

You’ll need ranger or porter to carry your large luggage on the trek  except the camera and water bottle. A walking stick is also useful. It is bound to be wet, so do take a rain coat, umbrellas are useful to protect your camera when trying to take photos of gorillas in the rain or mist! Good hiking boots and long trousers would be sensible.

Finding the gorillas is quite an anxious feeling, you have only 1 hour to enjoy the amazing creatures as they feed and grumble with their little ones. Take pictures of them as your tour guide identifies for you this particular family, its name and usual behavior. The tracking sometimes lasts several hours (normally 2-7 hour) thus the need to pack your lunch for the adventure.

The Price

Gorilla trekking permits are a must if you intend to go mountain gorilla tracking. These trekking are highly demanded an must be booked 2-3 months prior to the set gorilla safari date.

The price for Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla safaris range between $400-$600 per person.Except a hike in the price of gorilla permits in Rwanda, to $750, tracking mountain gorillas in the Congo, which costs only $400 a day during the peak summer season.

The most important thing about these prices is that you are not only paying for the adventure ahead but you are giving a hand in conservation of the Gorilla habitats and other duties related to preserve the pride of Africa for more generations to come.


Holiday specials from the Heart of Zimbabwe

Historic towns, safari parks and also a lively ancient way of life earn Zimbabwe an outstanding vacation destination for Africa overland travel. Zimbabwe provides visitors numerous places to stay, trip options and also attractions despite the economic tremor that this southern African country is embossed in. Here’s some Zimbabwe travel tips to assist you to prepare a terrific Zimbabwe holiday.

Cities and Towns
Bulawayo is actually the second biggest city in Zimbabwe and is some sort of lively social heart coming next after the notorious Harare-the capital city. Positioned within 1350 meters, Bulawayo carries a moderate Highveld climate that considers it favored by travellers. Bulawayo is a famous town for not only the slavery of the 1800 but also for the different museums, museums, restaurants, threatres, cultural festivals and serene lodges.

Harare is  a nice place to visit with good weather. The famous Victoria Falls – waterfall from over a 100m-high cliff, The Victoria Falls National Park, Zambezi River Bridge, Victoria Falls- rickety bridge high above the Zambezi River are the major attraction in the country that enthralls the visitors. Khami ruins, National History Museum in Bulawayo, Matobo Hills, Lake Kariba, and Great Zimbabwe-the ruins of the stone city in Masvingo are the tourist attracted places in Zimbabwe.

Finding a superb and also updated Zimbabwe travel guide can assist you to in choosing exactly where you would like to take your time in Zimbabwe. In addition, there are numerous great Zimbabwe travel sites that gives you quality details from travelers. This really is great in allowing you to learn much more about what different tourists have enjoyed  while on holiday in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe safaris

Safaris usually are an effective way to see the wild end of Zimbabwe. Safaris are an aid to uphold the very resource management policies for Zimbabwe tourism. There is a wide array of wildlife in Mana Pools National Park, not to mention more from the areas surrounding Victoria Falls  for instance cheetahs, elephants as well as zebras. Safaris share the diverse opportunity with tourists to check out several wild animals within their natural habitat.

Some other interesting Zimbabwe trips include Lake Kariba House boating and hiking the Zambezi River Bridge.

If you are the adventurous person, Zimbabwe backpacking excursions are offered. Hiking around the extraordinary countryside of Zimbabwe is definitely an unforgettable excursion. You simply must journey along with a Zimbabwe travel guide and have absolutely a great Zimbabwe travel and leisure map. Zimbabwe travel Agents can help arrange a backpacking tour with all your needs put to mind.

Car hire and Tours

Renting a car is an additional way you can visit the country, in case you are unprepared to backpack. The roads are in relatively good shape covering the whole country. Touring by road will help you rest and enjoy the landscapes at any time that suits you, along with pay a visit to some of the beaten track attraction, for example townships. Check with a Zimbabwe travel guide regarding recent requirements for hiring and also driving a car within Zimbabwe. For Zimbabwe Car hire, a tour guide for the trip  is a must just for safety reasons.

Hotels and Accommodation

Zimbabwe hosts a lot of spas and major resorts. Incorporating nature with extravagance, Zimbabwe spa resorts are the way to chill as well as renew your whole body and also the heart and soul when on getaway. You’ll find ample accommodation options in the heart of Harare and exquisite lodges in places like Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. There are also some interesting restaurants in Harare and good curios shops to get souvenirs on your trip.
Find the best and most affordable Zimbabwe Tour packages here and more info about travel and life in Zimbabwe. There are lots of wonderful vacation tours that normally takes one to all of the Zimbabwe places of interest just the way you like.

African Adventure Travel Tips and Ideas

Travel adventures in Africa offers for all types of countries actually are out there, as well include African excursion travel. You’ll be able to use African Safaris guide and enjoy without help, but it’s more effective to plan your Africa travel making use of a recommended tour operator and it particular that one that you feel more comfortable with.

Consequently, you are going to have far more opportunities to enjoy on your African Holiday, get personal and  familiar with the destination, the people, cultures, along with the great specials in a tour package that you’ll have chosen yo take on. Certainly one of the very best decisions for most people would be to possibly look into Africa overland travel.

Africa overland travel is precisely, the kind of tour that makes you hop from one interesting African safari destination in one country to another equally exciting attraction in another. At the end of the tour, you’ll have hit two birds with one stone!

Tour Operators and Travel Agents

There are all sorts of choices for Africa travel specialists normally referred to as travel agents/ tour operators. Normally,  African travel and leisure doesn’t mean an outrageous budget to have a dream holiday. It is simply possible to look at what Namibia tours offers as well as other adventures in Africa by checking out the African Safaris Guide.

Tour and Travel Packages

On that point, you can uncover examples of the finest and newest tour packages for African adventure. That is great news is that because you have done your home work well, you’ll find some really interesting packages that will save you some money

As soon as you find an excellent African adventure travel and leisure package you’ve one or two options. It is possible to spend out much less cash and use  that which you set aside to do different things or it is possible to spend what you had already intended on and have either a longer getaway or improved lodging. If you spare enough dollars, you may well be able to do all. That could suggest far more opportunity to enjoy your African vacation together with your close friends and family – or those you meet up with en route in case you are travelling all alone.

Finding fantastic African adventure offers doesn’t have to be challenging, either way. You never need to browse lots of internet sites, attempting to come across alternatives you’re looking for. You can just visit Africa Safaris and get started in studying everything you need to look at so that you can plan a wonderful African safari full of adventure. If you take on the time to do that, you’ll be more likely to find specifically what you’re truly searching for with regards to price and accommodations, which may really enable you enjoy a enjoyable holiday.

African hotels and Accommodation

One other thing to contemplate for all those looking into spending a holiday in African is what style of accommodation you want to have. Some individuals prefer a luxurious treatment in spas and resorts, but also some people wish to backpack and camp out. Many people are searching for something in between. By remembering that which you truly prefer as opposed to what other people want to offer you, you’ll be more inclined to find the Africa holiday that you’re really seeking.

Time to Travel

An African vacation can take place any time of the year, and it is possible to visit for a few days or possibly a few weeks. It’s genuinely up to you and what type of adventure you have at hand. Regardless of whether you are bringing close friends and loved ones also matters, provided that their itineraries will have an effect on what you are able to actually do.

Thankfully, you will find adequate excellent holiday packages at African holiday tours that going with a group along won’t cost you much. You’ll be capable to experience a lot of satisfaction along with your loved ones and live through a vacation that you won’t always remember.

Do not take second thoughts about visiting Africa this year. You’ll surely miss out on so many things that Europe or Asia can never offer you on a Holiday. For more Africa Adventure tours and travel ideas,  i recommend the African Safaris guide on anything/ details.

Popular tourist attractions in South Africa

I bet you’ve most likely heard about all those fantastic destinations all round Africa and for sure South Africa is simply the best of all them. Surely, being someone that lives in the ‘Rainbow nation’ I have known through the years that South Africa is definitely the right country to have your vacation.

What you have to do at this point is check out this unique country, her attractions, ports, towns, tour packages thereafter arranges a flight ticket. Taking your flight for South Africa is a worthy move of completing your wish for a complete South africa adventure.

Attractions to Enjoy

Have a walk along with me into the finest travel places and destinations for South Africa. Nearly always, every travel website or just previous traveler will point out Kruger National Park and Cape Town to be the most amazing sights when it comes to South Africa, and yet there are many different interesting places to find…of course once you have a long time there, you can expect to find lots more.

Kruger National Park

The legendary Kruger Game Park marks among the best selling safari destinations from Africa and also in South Africa. Kruger Park is the leading of the South Africa Game parks and reserves with around 8 private game reserves which include Londolozi, Sabi Sands, Mala Mala and then Singita each of which hardly ever disappoints with the choice of wild animals, plants, birds and a whole lot more. Kruger Park is legendary for its deluxe holiday accomodations found in Safari lodges and its big selection of wildlife that attracts both tourists and television documentary teams like National Geographic Channel.

Cape Town

Cape Town has become the finest travel destination in South Africa recognized for the luxury beach holidays all through the year. Cape Town has got a diversity of attractions and then activities for your holidays like cultural galas, festivals, theatre shows, fantastic shopping, entertainment, game walks, hiking, town excursions, wine excursions, beer tasting consequently far more.

The Beaches of Cape Town

Often the pristine beaches additionally, the aqua blue ocean go without say during your stay in Cape Town. You’ll find good scuba diving sites for Cape Town and the tide gives massive waves which create exceptional sailing adventures and sports. A number of other interesting sights across Cape Town also include the dramatic Table Mountains making the backdrop for the town, Cape Point Nature Reserve and also Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Garden Route

The Garden Route runs in the coastal town of Mossel Bay then to George, Wilderness, Knysna,Sedgefield, Plettenberg Bay and then stops in the abundant Nature’s Valley on the Western Cape. This stretch even protects Tsitsikamma Forest, the entire charming coastline and also the different townships every one of them famous for specific destinations plus village traditions.

Make sure you visit the coast, go out Wine tasting on the several wine estates in the areas of Constantia, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and the Breede River Valley and visit the famous bird park, ostrich farm, Cango Caves in addition to the whales of Hermanus. One can at the same time try kayaking, game safari, horse riding, check out oysters in Knysna, have a yacht ride to the Heads and a whole lot. There’s much to see and enjoy here in Garden Route.

Garden Route region is just perfect for some private trip and then all of the towns seem to be within quick driving distance from each other. Find one base and then taking routine trips for the nearby towns, tourist attractions, and even get at least one or two nights around a few different towns.

Robben Island

Once a symbol of cruelity and apartheid rule that took place in South Africa within the 20th century, Robben Island today is among the list of favorite sights in South Africa. This island is simply located 11km away from Cape Town, just 3 hours trip. The island is an old military base and also prison for a number of political prisoners for example Olive Tambo and even Nelson Mandela.

Presently, the island is actually a museum which commemorates South Africa’s history, freedom and also democracy from 1996. Apparently in late 90s, the island became World Heritage Site. More interesting destinations at the island have historical buildings and the bird sanctuary.

Towns and Cities Tours

Once you get on a tour bus for tours over many towns as well as cities, I promise you that you can’t be disappointed for this particular idea. To commence with any township excursions is normally Johannesburg that is the entry destination for many holidaymakers as well as business travelers in South Africa.

Johannesburg has an exciting lifestyle, shopping, deluxe accommodation, festivals to catch over specific months and also a lively night life.Soweto is one of Johannesburg’s amazing suburbs located 10 km south west from Johannesburg. A good tour of this shanty town features sights for example the Mandela Museum, in which Madiba lived, Hector Pieterson Memorial, Vilakazi Street as well as the Regina Mundi Church with more historical sites.

Durban is in fact a vibrant port city and considered one of the biggest towns of South Africa.Durban is popular vacation city having fantastic beaches and even lots of points of interest which revel the blends of cultures in Kwa Zulu Natal province- it truly is a real fusion of people and cultures complete with solid European, Indian and even African influences. While in Durban, enjoy a hiking trip for the spectacular Drakensburg mountain range, St Lucia wetland Park.

Port Elizabeth just as the name suggests should get one to one of the most hidden beaches found in South Africa- usually not congested at all. It’s actually a great spot for family trips or holidays while the selection of holiday activities will be unrestricted. Some of the fun activities feature surf-boarding, speed boating, scuba diving, hiking in the lush countryside in the Tsitsikamma region, trips to the Oceanarium plus Snake Park among others.

East London is actually South Africa’s sole river port city located on the banks of the Buffalo River. Miles in beautiful beaches are devine providing perfect options for a number of sports while the various lagoons can be a ideal for anglers.Soweto is the almost all populous black city domestic area for South Africa using a populace rely about near to Nine hundred 500.

V& A Waterfront

The expensive way of life around the V& A Waterfont (Victoria and Alfred Waterfront) is simply captivating. The fairly busy port on the coast of Cape Town shows South Africa fishing industry. The port has working boats, yachts, cruises, ferries and passenger boats that makes it among the busiest in South Africa.

A few of the tourist attractions here have Two ocean aquariums, Ulundi Parking garage,Time Ball tower, Old port Captain Building established in 1902,Breakwater prison, the Dock houses (1870), The Union Castle Building, Victoria basin (1905) and V& A hotel built in 1930s.Other attractive activities here include cave golfing, visiting the waterfront craft markets, boating to Robben Island (11km) and also helicopter trips to the peak of the famous Table mountains (8km).

Sun City

A reference to Sun City brings up a imagination of plush lifestyles and this is what Sun city is centred on. Sun City is truly a outstanding complex of hotels, resorts, shopping malls and restaurants found in Pilanesburg from the North West Province. Sun City is among the most remarkable places in Africa sometimes compared with Las Vegas in USA.

Pilanesburg Game reserve is likewise part of the list of tourist attractions in Sun City while other sights also include the Super Bowk , Gary Player Country Club and the Entertainment centre. Shopping in Sun City is one of a kind. A comparable lifestyle is found in Gold reef city of Johannesburg.

Game reserves and Wildlife

South Africa as a country celebrates African diversity relating to natural world. More than 30% if the land is protected under national parks and reserves. Some of the popular game reserves and parks to check out include Addo Elephant Park, Augrabies Falls National Park, Sabi Sand Game reserve, Isimangaliso Wetland park, Gemsbok National Park and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game reserves to mention a few.There are various holiday packages for the various parts of South Africa. The big five (lions, leopard,, elephants, buffalo and rhino) certainly are a must see in almost all the South Africa game Parks. The nature reserves in Western Cape Province hold a wide range of exotic Mediterranean species that you’ve got to visit for your self.

Last but not least, making sure you have a listing of places to visit in South Africa is only being unfair to the enormous beauty that this country has to offer. You can make your list of favorite holiday destinations in South Africa which may be different from those here. The most significant thing is to enjoy for the several places you visit…whether it is the gold mines of Johannesburg or even the villages of the Ndebele people in Kwa Zulu Natal province.

Travel Adventures of East Africa…Every thing you want to have on a traditional Safari in Africa

Finally, right here is the the perfect time to think about a country to take this year’s vacation holiday. But which country do you have in mind… just asking! You will find several places to visit anywhere in the world, citing places like the British Isles, resorts of the Caribbean as well as the cities of South East Asia! These and lots of other countries are awesome and offer the ultimate travels for pretty much any getaways!

Nonetheless, an African adventure is just one of a kind! I guarantee that your decision to take your vacation on an authentic African Safari certainly is the most important holiday decision you might take this year. It is because Africa has a wide variety of interesting attractions you cannot exhaust…mentioning the spectacular scenery and vegetation up to a diversity of wildlife. Sure it’s a better way of trying to relax off your typical work routines.

Travel in East Africa

Kenya is without a doubt the best safari country within Africa offering you about 11 common game reserves to enjoy. One of the best and most popular is in fact Masai Mara National Park for the annual wildebeest migration that runs July to September. Bird Watching is just one more adventure to try while on Kenya Safaris. The lesser flamingoes at Lake Nakuru are a popular birding attraction for any Kenya birding day tours. You may also catch up with the ostrich the biggest bird across the world in Samburu National Park. With regard to other sorts of wildlife experiences, tour Amboseli National Park for plenty of elephant and also antelopes. You’ll find up-market lodges for holiday accommodation in Kenya as the coastal towns of Mombasa provides relaxing beach holiday packages.

Tanzania also found in the East Africa area is almost the best when talking about wildlife safari. Discover hundreds of game in Ngorongoro Crater Area whereas the Serengeti plains protects about 300,000 zebras, 400,000 antelopes and also prides of lions, elephants in addition to big game. Serengeti National Park tops the list for the best liked destinations within Tanzania; second being Kilimanjaro which offers amazing mountain climbing trips for trekkers as well as mountain climbers. Other spots to explore around Tanzania include Selous game reserve, Lake Tanganyika, Olduvai George amongst others.

The next interesting discovery near Kenya or Tanzania is actually Uganda, renowned for Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. These giant primates are found in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo, only a population around seven hundred remaining. This trip includes booking a person’s gorilla trekking Permit at least 2 months upfront before you can think of the flight ticket. Other game parks to tour around Uganda include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo, Murchison falls Park not to mention Mgahinga National Park.

Every country around Africa has got something special about its safari or even travel escapades. Getting a place to have your holiday here in Africa may also take you to countries like South Africa, Namibia, Tunisia or even Nigeria and then to the land of early mysteries from Egypt!

How to make the most of Safari Travel

The best way to have a fantastic tour or holiday in Africa is opting for a suitable Africa safari agent or even a local travel agent! These Africa travel agents or companies are specialists in this field and will prepare any honeymoon starting from the point about safari planning, air flights and air ticketing, arrivals, trips, safari itineraries as well as booking for your hotel and overnight accommodation. You’ll find so many of them having contacts and websites but the truth is must find recommendations from other tourists about what are suitable and even reputable to get you a holiday worth your money.

Tips on Spending Safari holidays in East Africa

What is your typical itinerary for an African safari or holiday? One thing you need to focus on before identifying the African safari is adventure. There are many countries that make adventures come true on safari holidays among which is the East African safari. Think of luxury, warmth, romance, fun and pleasure-this is what Africa and East Africa offers on every safari tour or holiday. It makes sense whether it is with family or just a group of close friends looking for holidays to relax at the end of the year!

The most preferred safari destinations in East Africa include Tanzania, Kenya and then the other countries like Uganda and Rwanda to highlight your safari holiday. The safaris in Kenya or Tanzania are a wild adventure like no other.

Safaris in Tanzania

Like seen in many wildlife documentaries, Tanzania is the best good for game drives and safari walks. There are 50,000sq km of vast savannah plains and woodland forests which are a lush habitat for several species of mammals and wild birds.

The Serengeti Safari is the highlight of safaris, game drives and adventures in East and Central Africa. This Tanzania national park is home to large prides of lions, more 30,000 wildebeests, zebras, leopards, antelopes, elephants and other wild animals. Experience the beauty of this safari home on a hot air balloon ride or just a drive through the tall grasses.

Before you leave Tanzania, make sure you stop at the Kilimanjaro-which is the highest mountain in Africa and then spend the evenings at the lake Victoria shores or cool off at the beaches of the Indian ocean coast and enjoy the breeze from the turquoise ocean. Tour operators in Tanzania can arrange exclusive packages include these prominent safari destination and other interesting tourist attractions in Tanzania

The Ideal Kenya safari

The trail of an east African safari will have a stop in Kenya. The safari capital of Nairobi is your first stop being home to the Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage. Yet still a Kenya safari is not complete without a trip to the famed Masai Mara Game reserve which is the route of the Great Wildebeest Migration– one of the seven natural wonders of the World. Several animals trail from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania on the hunt for lush pastures in the Mara plains in July.

Explore the best of Masai Mara on a luxury hot balloon safari ride and spend a night in one of the five star safari lodges or camps. The choice of wild adventures in Kenya brings you to the rift valley lakes of Lake Nakuru and Naivasha where flamingos camouflage the lakes into a pulsating pink mass. The road to the countryside is breathtaking crossing from the green plains of Mount Kenya to the low lying plains of northern Kenya.

While organizing an east African safari, take some time off to find the charm in Gorilla Trekking adventures that drives more than 5000 tourists every year to Uganda and Rwanda. The mountain gorillas that live in mountains of south western Uganda and northern Rwanda are half of the population of this species of endangered primates you will find no where else but in East Africa.

Getting the most of it all-

The trick to enjoying such a fun packed safari itinerary and more is getting in touch with a reliable tour operator. There are many travel and safari packages but the difference is with customized holiday packages for safari honeymoons, family holidays, beach holidays or just safaris with close friends. To get a memorable safari holiday in Kenya, make sure you consider reputable tour operators recommended by previous travelers in Kenya.