March Travel News and Information for Seychelles

The latest travel news in Africa mention something about Seychelles and this month , March alone, there has been so much in the world tourism and travel in the Seychelles. This island is one of the most visited places in Africa and prime holiday destination when it comes to beach holidays, surfing, diving and of course honeymoon holiday packages/

Here is a quick look into what you missed on about Seychelles tourism in the month of March 2012.

The first celebration of the month of March 2012 comes with an award from Outside-a leading multimedia lifestyle brand magazine. Seychelles received honors of being the Best Islands and thus features in the March issue of the Outside Magazine available both online and in stores.  The magazine talked about the scenic beaches, beautiful people, food music, adventures, hotels, wildlife and  so much from all the 115 islands of Seychelles.

In a bid to foster strong tourism relations, the tourism officials from Seychelles and La reunion islands met to set up a steering committee to foster the tourism industry of both countries together with different stakeholders and partners. The committee also seeks to foster growth in other projects other than tourism and these include youth & sports, culture, health, education and social development. During the meeting Alain St Ange noted the need to have more Seychelles tourism related news and articles published in French in the sense of reaching a bigger market.

The annual La Francophonie Seychelles festival was held this same month celebrating the heritage and history of the island. This year around, the festival was totally francophone thanks to the French that once colonized many of the islands in the Indian Ocean. The major activities of the day included French public speaking competitions, for schools at Mont Fleuri theatre. Alain St Ange, the Seychelles Tourism Board graced the festival and noted a few things about the diversity of culture in Seychelles. Soon ‘Fete Afrique’ another festival that celebrates Africa through the eyes of Seychelles will take place…will keep you posted!

The 48th RETOSA Board meeting sat during this same month in Mauritius attracting tourism officials from La reunion island, Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar and Mayotte with the aim of sensitizing member countries about the Routes Africa Convention 2012 to be held around July 8-10 in Seychelles. The Route Africa forum is apparently an attractive way to market tourism industry with focus on aviation and airlines.

To close the month on a worthy note the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange opened new classrooms at the Seychelles tourism Academy with computer lab and an auditorium built in an impressive eco-friendly way using recycled material. This academy admits students of tourism and hospitality aiming at promoting the country’s tourism industry.

“Seychelles prides sand holidays. But we have more – we have diversity of islands with our collection of granitic and coral islands available to our visitors, we have the unique diversity of people which has brought about our Seychelles Creole cuisine and music, we have a unique mid-ocean flora and fauna, over and above diving, sailing, big game fishing, idyllic walks in an ornithologist paradise…” all crowned in the words of Alain St. Ange –Seychelles Tourism Board Executive.


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